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Ewe Union Berlin e.V. is an association of Ewe speaking peoples from West Africa and other nationalities living in Berlin.





Ewe Union Berlin e.V.

Ewe Union Berlin e.V.

The Ewe Union Berlin e.V., is a non profitable, non religious and non political organisation formed by the Ewe ethnic groups from the sub regions of West Africa (Ghana, Togo and Benin) in Berlin Germany.


We, members of the Ewe Community in Berlin have recognized that it is important for us to unite and promote the Ewe culture, in other to pass it on to our children and children´s children. To help each other in times of need and to celebrate together the great historical occasions that our ancestors handed down to us.



Our goals

Our goals

– Maintaining and disseminating the Ewe culture and language in Germany among all those interested through suitable projects and activities.

– Promoting and strengthening the positive attitude of Ewe peoples to their own language and cultures at home and abroad.

– Providing help in the socioeconomic and cultural development of these three countries.

– Helping members and non-members in times of need.


1 – Projects works in these countries concerned

– Promoting and supporting of schools, hospitals, orphanages and handcraft businesses.


2 – Berlin

– Creating  Ewe language Center,  Ewe cultural group in Berlin and a theater project.




The story of Ewes

The Ewe peoples in West Africa are known as a people with a great cultural heritage and are unique due to their drums and various dance rhythms as well as their popular Vodou religion.

Because of their culture and language, historians were able to trace them back to their origins in the time of Noah in the Bible.

The narration stories that have been passed down from generation to generation have recently shown that the Ewes left Dahomey (Benin) and settled in the Notse Kingdom (Togo) that King Argogoli was then ruling.

The king did not treat them well, so they fled and spread to various locations in the coastal areas between the Volta River in Ghana and Mono which is now the Togo-Benin border.


                                                          There are many stories about Ewe people on the Internet.



Our projects

Our projects

– Home countries
Project work in these three countries, e.g.
Promotion and support of schools, hospitals and village handcraft businesses.


Current projects 

 We are currently supporting:   










Water supplies






1- Ewe Language Center
2- Ewe Culture Group
3- Theater project