Fundraising 2019

Ewe Union Berlin e.V.  held her first ever fundraising on the 21st of September 2019, to support the less privileges especially in the areas of education and health.



We would like to thank the following groups: Council of Ghanaian Chiefs in Berlin eV, Embassies of Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi, Ewe Union Bremen eV,  Ewe Union Hamburg eV,   Novissi eV,,   all Ghanaian associations in Berlin and individuals for their moral, financial and spiritual support.

Akpe! Akpe! Akpe!



In particular,  Ewe Union Berlin e.V.  is very grateful to their Chief Torgbui for his general support.

Torgbui Akpelo



We thank all members for their efforts to make the event possible, in particular the association chairman (Simon Mensah), the vice (Mike Dalton), the secretary and his vice (Komlan kalanpé, Amuzu Mensah) and the project manager (Ashley Attopley)



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